Core Values

Our organisation believes that the intrinsic values to which we subscribe underpin the way we extend our services and strengthen our ability to achieve greater good for humanity.  These values are:





We believe that in order for the processes of change to take place people must be willing and able to lead.  Their ability and capacity to recognise challenges and take purposeful action is critical to finding solutions.

We recognise that rising above challenges is not easy but we believe that our organisation and affected communities will take responsible, appropriate actions through cutting edge strategies and programs.

We seek to approach all of our work with resourcefulness that is focused on our beneficiaries’ needs to ensure that we do not fit the already filled mould of “doing like everyone else”.

We greatly value each individual and will ensure that in all phases of our work the tenets of fundamental human rights and the self-worth of everyone we serve and collaborate with are preserved.  Everyone has equal importance.



We acknowledge that true success is realized not as individual beings or entities but as collaborators who desire the same good outcomes.  Everyone interacting and benefiting from our work will be seen as equal and have similar opportunities to offer help, support and solutions.  We will treat affected people and beneficiaries as subject matter experts and ensure that they are central to design and decisions.

We seek to encourage a work ethic that unconditionally rejects selfishness and is based on the principle of “giving freely and giving the very best”.  Whether collaborators are resident to the country or not, rich or poor, shall not impede their ability to contribute meaningfully.