About Us

ChiYoWo – is an acronym for Children, Youth and Women. ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative is a registered charity organisation in Nigeria whose vision is “To design and implement quality development initiatives to address and remove barriers that prevent sustainable livelihoods among children, youth and women”. We also work directly with schools and disadvantaged people as part of our ongoing advocacy and citizenship programme. ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative works diligently with a wide cross section of keen donor partners including individuals, corporate establishments, faith groups, foundations and trusts across Nigeria and worldwide. For more information about how you can get involved with our carefully structured projects go to Get Involved and Donateinfo_graphics_aboutus

Specifically, ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative draws on and aligns with the Kampala Convention, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Nigeria Vision 2020 Plan and Nigeria Youth Empowerment Plan.

To ensure success we will actively engage communities using a vertical ground-up approach to the planning and development of projects thereby making beneficiaries key partners in the entire process.

ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative believes that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are essential in ensuring that the work and progress of the organisation is meaningful and transparent.  We will use a strong M&E framework to guide how we measure both our internal and external successes.  Our organisation is committed to good governance and accountability to both partners and donors, to this end, we will ensure that we track, assess and highlight progress on an ongoing basis.