Become a Volunteer

Do you like to make a difference in the life of disadvantaged people, develop new skills and support our work and join with our volunteers to make a difference? If yes, come and join our team as a volunteer!



Community service on development and initiative projects for children, youth and women


Use your skills and knowledge to help create sustainable livelihood


Skills based corporate volunteering for development partners and private donors

Types of Volunteer Jobs

Using your professional skills and knowledge to create sustainable livelihood in communities. Our specialist volunteer jobs include, business mentors and advisers, ICT leads, environmentalists, skills acquisition leads, teachers in various disciplines, doctors, midwives, nutritionists, psychologists, creative media specialists and more.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with ChiYoWo is a great opportunity to give back to the society by putting a smile on the faces of disadvantaged people while you put hope in their hearts. You will immerse yourself in a new experience of life, seeing new challenges it entails in both rural and urban areas. This fulfilling experience will be truly as rewarding for you as it is for those who benefit from your contributions.

ChiYoWo is committed to improving youth employability through its flagship ‘Youth Employability Drive’ Programme. We welcome retirees, professionals (including self-employed), development partners and companies to volunteer and support ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative. This can be financial donation(s) or providing professional services as a way of ‘giving back’ or for companies, a form of Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR).

Volunteer Form

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