ChiYoWo Sustainability Hub Mentoring Programme

The ChiYoWo Sustainability Hub Mentoring Programme is a dynamic initiative designed to empower youth who aspire to make a lasting difference in their communities. It offers a transformative platform for global youth with particular emphasis on young Africans to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become catalysts for change in their communities and compete on the international scene with youth from across the world. By focusing on business, technical, and life skills development, the programme aims to empower participants to become founders of social development programmes, addressing critical issues and driving sustainable development. Through a structured training process, mentorship, and practical experiences, participants will emerge as empowered youth leaders equipped with the tools to create positive social impact and inspire others to follow their lead. ChiYoWo aims to shape a brighter future for Nigeria by fostering entrepreneurship and collaborative networks, where young people play a pivotal role in driving social change and building thriving communities.

Programme Objectives:

  • Knowledge and Skill Development: Through expert guidance and practical exercises, budding entrepreneurs will enhance their knowledge and recognize the importance of understanding sustainable development principles. Participants will engage in educational modules covering topics such as easy coding for Artificial intelligence. IoT and robotics, critical design thinking, STEM innovation and smart fabrication, project management, agile and scrum and data analysis, collaboration tools, online security awareness, business planning, logic frameworks, communication, networking, marketing, finance, legal, and social impact.

They will also have a platform to learn practical skills such as bag making, culinary, home automation systems, solar and CCTV and intercom installation, and much more. Learners will gain the necessary hard and soft skills at work worldwide and/or transform their sustainable development ideas into viable projects to deliver social impact.

  • Life Skills Enhancement: Personal development is integral to success. Participants will engage in sessions focused on personal growth, leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. The coaching will foster self-confidence, resilience, and adaptability, empowering them to overcome challenges and navigate the complexities of their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Mentoring and Guidance: Each participant will have access to experienced mentors who have expertise in social development and entrepreneurship. Mentors will provide personalized guidance, share insights, and offer constructive feedback to help participants refine their ideas, develop effective strategies, and overcome challenges. This one-on-one mentoring relationship will be a key component of the programme, offering invaluable support and fostering personal and professional growth.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The programme will facilitate networking opportunities among participants, connecting them with like-minded individuals and organizations in the development sector. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the participants will be encouraged to build a strong network of changemakers. The programme aims to create a supportive family that fosters innovation, collaboration, and collective action.

Programme Structure (Flexible)

Stage 1

Application and Selection: Youth passionate about the development of digital and entrepreneurship skills within their community for their work, businesses, or social impact initiatives will have the opportunity to upskill. A thorough selection process will identify individuals with a willingness to upskill, possess innovative ideas, strong commitment, and the potential to make a lasting difference in their lives and communities.

Stage 2

Mentorship Allocation: Selected participants will be matched with experienced mentors who will guide them throughout the programme. Participants will receive personalised mentorship, guidance, and practical exercises necessary to develop skills for sustainable business development.

Stage 3

Skill and Knowledge Development: Training will be online and/or offline in designated premises or a combination of both, facilitated by subject matter experts and leaders in their area of experience and practical/artisan skill. Learners and participants will receive education and practical exercises to complete in order to support their development ideas, design effective strategies, and develop robust implementation plans. They will receive assistance in accessing resources, identifying funding opportunities, and partnerships to bring their projects to fruition where possible.

Stage 4

Monitoring and Evaluation: The programme will include monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track participants' progress and measure the social impact of their initiatives. Regular assessments will provide feedback and identify areas for improvement, ensuring the programme's effectiveness and participants' growth.

Programme Outcomes

Empowered Change-Makers: Participants will develop digital and entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to enhance employability skills and/or drive sustainable development in their communities. They will become empowered change-makers, equipped with the tools to create meaningful and lasting social impact.

Social Impact and Sustainable Development Ventures: Participants will successfully transform their sustainable development ideas into viable business ventures, services, or products. These initiatives will address community needs, contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, and promote long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Collaboration and Collective Impact: The programme will foster collaboration and networking among participants, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals and organizations. By promoting collaboration, participants will leverage collective strengths, resources, and expertise to amplify their impact and create synergistic solutions to complex challenges.

Knowledge Sharing: Outstanding learners and/or participants will have the opportunity to serve as ChiYoWo Ambassadors, sharing their experiences and lessons learned with others in their communities. By promoting knowledge sharing, they will inspire and empower more individuals to become work ready and/or initiate sustainable development projects, fostering a culture of social innovation and scalability.