Ijeoma Ibe

Ijeoma_IbeHuman Resource & Welfare Lead

Ms. Ibe has worked in the area of customer relations for more than 10 years. During this time, she has learnt and perfected the skills that make her suited to be the Human Resources and Welfare Lead of the ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative. Ms. Ibe has a keen understanding of the importance of a smooth interface between the organization and its beneficiaries; the organization and its stakeholders; as well as between the various elements of the organization itself.

Ms. Ibe is of the view that each individual’s growth and development factors into the growth and development of the entire group .She enjoys being a part of a team that is taking on the responsibility of voluntary service to those in need and relishes the unique challenges that are natural components of the work ChiYoWo undertakes.

With professional aspirations of becoming a business executive in the aviation industry, she already holds a customer relations centred Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) certificate from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The opportunity to “contribute to a dynamic organization’ such as ChiYoWo allows Miss Ijeoma to fully display her abilities “to function as a good leader when and where such is required”. She takes on each new task with the beneficiaries of the programme at the forefront of her mind.