Yes, we visited Gifted Scholars Nursery and Primary School in Onitsha, Anambra State. We sang songs and had our Spelling Bee Competition. Catch them young at the #BookDriveNigeria2017. Our donated books will be the first books in their library. Thank you to all the Donors and Team ChiYoWo. #Qualityeducation #Readbooksforlife

#BookDriveNigeria2017…Soaring Heights Model Schools, Asaba, Delta State. The pupils blew us away with their talent.They were eager to showcase their expertise in dance as well. We can’t wait to see the videos 🙂. #Educationiswealth #SDGEducation #Literacyforlife

Yes, Benin City received us with open arms. Hello to New Era College, Benin City, Edo State. Achieve literacy through accessing reading books. #BookDriveNigeria2017 #BooksSDG4 #GirlChild #Literacyfor all  

#BookDriveNigeria2017 ChiYoWo’s visit to Ogelle Primary School Ughelli, Delta State was very exciting. The ‘Bring Back Our Reading Culture’ is gaining ground. The pupils were excited to see us and our guests were very appreciative of our work. The tension was high during the Spelling Bee Competition. Fun all the way!!!

Welcome to our visit to School number 6…#BookDriveNigeria2017. St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School Erinmo-Ijesha in Osun State! This was so empowering!!! Young kids eager to show their talent was indeed inspiring. Thank you, HRH Michael Ajayi. Your presence made our day! Touching lives through education is the way forward! Theme: Bring Back our Reading Culture

School 5 #BookDriveNigeria2017…Carry on driving Team ChiYoWo. Say hello to Osun State 🙂. The ‘Bring Back our Reading Culture’ campaign is for real 🙂. Well done!!! The pupils of Iwoye-Ijesa Middle High School and the elders were the best! Sorry, we missed our way but we got there eventually #Determination The Spelling Bee Competition was hot! Planting Reading Book Clubs

School 3 & 4…Still on the move 🙂 off to Awori College and Isashi Grammar School in Ojo, Lagos State. Lovely cultural dancing session and nail-biting moments during the quiz session! We had the presence of Hon Akande of the Ojo Constituency grace our campaign. #BookDriveNigeria2017 The Spelling Bee Competition was off the hizzle!!! Thank you to all our

School 2 #BookDriveNigeria2017… still on the move. ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative visited Matlicia Primary School and So – Said Charity in a hard to reach area in Okota, Lagos State, Nigeria. Bring Back our Reading Culture Campaign Rocks xx

#BookDriveNigeria2017 has started 🙂!!! We donated 50 reading books and 50 library journals, and set up a library today in an under-served community!!! SCHOOL ONE DONE 🙂 We had such an amazing time at Fem-Field Nursery and Primary School, Okesokori, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The Proprietress, Mrs. Okeleye Olanike, was very happy to see us. Her pupils were amazing and

Happy International Literacy Day. As we say, Knowledge is Power. Always!

Our simple message can be spread far and wide…simply #BookDriveNigeria2017. We can all start hashtagging from today. Thank you :).

Our priority is: To bring back the culture of reading and help equip and/or transform school libraries or reading spaces for ease of use in affected and underserved communities. This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) to “promote quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Together we can