Oyebanji Oyewumi

oyebanji_oyewumiProject Manager, Information, Communication and Technology


Oyebanji Oyewumi has a strong drive to contribute to the growth of Nigeria. He has been and currently serves as board member of various public and private organizations in the UK and in Nigeria. He is versed in engaging, managing and fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders in the development of projects in which he is involved, traits the ChiYoWo Empowerment Initiative can certainly make full use of as he serves the organization as Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Project Manager.

Mr Oyewumi is founder, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Hayes Meridian Ltd, an Information Technology and Media Consultancy firm with offices in the UK, Nigeria and Hong Kong, delivering Security Solutions and Systems Development. He was the Chief Technical Officer of INOC Ltd where he spearheads development and deployment of various technology related projects. His “strong ethical values and an astute commercial awareness” has helped him reap major successes in these ventures, a pattern he hopes to continue through his interaction with ChiYoWo.

Including the wealth of work he has done as a business analyst and consultant, Mr Oyewumi has gathered 21 years of experience while honing his skills at several business entities. This has yielded not only a clear understanding of processes and protocols of the corporate world, but valuable connections to its other pacesetters. He eagerly offers his knowledge and leveraging prowess to ChiYoWo as a way to support its endeavours.